“ What Chuljoo Suk, as an artist, shows is not the disposition of a practice that follows the obstinate tradition, and surely not the blind adaptation of the tradition. He confronts  tradition on the basis of the firm recognition of his own identity, and breathes contemporarily with and through it. ”

- Sang Cheol, Kim (Art Critic)

“Considering his personality and character were formed by his mother’s prayer, lustral water can be thought of as a sacred thing. Worth considering is also that it enabled him to go upstream through time, thus it can also be regarded as a shamanic item. His memories of jangdokdae were imprinted on his consciousness. After he came of age, the artist began collecting crocks and onggi, earthenware used for tableware or storage. Such objects naturally entered into his paintings.”
- Chung Hwan, Kho (Art Critic)

“A single item can stay independently alone on one hand, and combine with one, two, three or even more of other items to form a group on the other hand. At the same time, the position where each item sits is variable. Without any hierarchy, every item can shift and relocate its position anywhere to left or right, top or bottom anytime. Therefore, the part does not have to be voluntarily submissive to the whole, while the whole won’t be forcibly oppressive to the part. Every single piece holds its own existence and becomes a harmonious part of the whole to organically circulate.”

- Ju Hyeong, Gong (Art Critic)