Suk chul-joo


Known for his signature paintings, Chuljoo Suk has explored the aesthetics of Korean traditions and heritages over an artistic career spanning more than 50 years. As an apprentice of one of the most renowned Korean painters Sang Beom, Lee, Chuljoo’s paintings are deeply rooted in Korean traditions while expanding the diversity of material, color, and texture of the paintings. Nature and everyday life are the main topics of his works: mountains feature in the series of “New Scenery in Dreams”, the grass and flowers in the series of “The Memory of Nature”, and various traditional Korean objects such as the moon jar and flower pot appear in various series from his early paintings. His works represent vitality, liveness, and the animation of nature as part of the life cycles and this has been highlighted in the mixture of both a traditional and contemporary approach. Chuljoo Suk’s works have been collected by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, Ho-Am Art Museum, The National Assembly of The Republic Of Korea, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Dubai, Inter-Korean Transit Office, CHUNG WA DAE (The Blue House), Samsung Museum of Art Leeum, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, Seoul Eastern District Court, Gwangju Museum of Art and many more.

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