“ His dreamy wandering could not be limited because there is no intentional explanation. Because there is no modification and no verbal explanation, the boundary could be expanded ad infinitum and could be perceived in myriad ways, potentially making way for countless and subjective utopic peach orchards. ”
- Sang Cheol, Kim (Art Critic)

 “ Due to the grid-like formation of mesh separating the painted landscape from the viewer, it is impossible to overlook the isolation of the viewer from the infinite dreamlike distance between jenseits and diesseits (the existing world and the world beyond), reality and dream.” 

- Sanda Haruo (Art Critic)

“Ostensibly, his work’s appearance seems to depend on the speed of the brushstrokes going from top to bottom, as well as the amount of force added to the brush, but the involvement of water is naturally a critical part of  the expression in his work. The role of the spontaneous or accidental plays only a partial role in suk’s work. We also need to note suk’s unrestrained, exquisite management of space.”
- Sung Rok, Seo (Professor)